THOSE WHO BELONG TOGETHER   „People need not be glued together when they belong together.“  These were the parting words of Sigmund Freud to Theodor Reik on their parting in Vienna. But they ought to be the words of all those who love each other on parting‑‑ of two beings so secure in their own […]


WORDS   People tell you you have a way  with words, suggesting that words themselves are a sort of path, an entrance to something, a route. „Somewhere in the middle of my life I lost my way,“  reads the usual English translation of Dante, and it is precisely words he uses to rectify his loss, […]


SLEEPING TOGETHER   We say that people „fuck“ or „make love“‑‑ more intimately, that they sleep together, though the latter doesn’t necessarily connote the sexual act. Yet somehow this sleeping together ‑‑  this engaging in the act of joined sleep, this shared journey into the unconscious‑‑ is the most intimate, the most bonding, act of […]


Love Does not need to be difficult: two hearts, two mouths whispering their particular truths to one another in a language only one speaks and only the other understands


Socks   I told my lover today I had finally put the socks she gave me on in the right order: the one marked “L” on the left foot, the one marked “R” on the right. She laughed, all the way from Hungary.   It is so good to have things to laugh about in […]

Poetry Love

Poetry Love   It must be wonderful to be so obsessed with poetry that you live it, breathe it, consider every moment without it a moment wasted want to do nothing else but write it, read it, recite it to your friends and lovers it must be wonderful to have only this one mission for […]

My instruction for Hygge

My instruction for Hygge My instruction for Hygge feel love give love And Exchange and Change until… being deeply in love Like I do with you! * Ich suchte nach einem univokem Geist Und landete in einem äquivokem Kleist. * Ich bin realistisch und versuche das Unmögliche möglich zu machen.


THE LOVE OF DRAMA   The love of high drama, too, can be a kind of idolatry, a narcissism of longing and romance. For drama– especially of the human kind we so love, such as the romantic triangle-always seeks to bathe what it cannot (or will not) see clearly in the artificial light of the […]


THE CONVERSATION   Love, of course is the ultimate conversation… as is hate. And– like all genuine conversations– its subject is, to a large extent, itself. So that lovers (at least those who have any right to the name beyond the purely physical act) are always engaged in the process of defining what love, in […]