How to Live Forever

How to Live Forever



Diet is a good place to begin

Then exercise, of course,

And as much love

As you are capable of, spread

In as many directions as possible

Sex, too, is a good thing,

Especially when accompanied by tenderness

And generosity

And don’t forget the weather–

All kinds, inclement and otherwise.

Learn to love the rain, the sleet,

The vast asymmetry of the stars

If someone speaks badly of you,

Kiss them many times

Until they are breathless

And if you are betrayed

By a friend or a lover

Bake cookies for them, cakes

Dip their noses in the bright peonies

That have just emerged in your garden

Try hard to pretend

That Donald Trump is not the President

Of the United States. Imagine instead

It is Nelson Mandela

Or a distant cousin from Kiev

Dream hard, wake in the middle of the night

And write them down

Then read them to the first bird

That arrives at your feeder

If you are hungry for things

That are not good for you

Eat them anyway, then repent

By giving your dog a big kiss

On the mouth. Clothes

That no longer fit you

Should be cut up

And fashioned into abstract collages

Food that has gone bad in the frig

Should be left there

In perpetual hope of resurrection

Make long lists

Of everyone who has ever hurt you

Then crumple them up

And roast marshmallows with them

Or else pork fat on toast

Pretend, now, that you will live

Forever, put your arms around

Every self-help book you have ever bought

And read it aloud to the grass

Then pray for rain

Watch it grow




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